Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday Market

Shorts, Vintage denim Wranglers/ Shirt, Target denim/ Sandals, Sam Edelman/ Clutch/ Vintage hand-tooled leather

There is nothing that I love more than a good outdoor market, so I was happy to unexpectedly drive past one on my ride home from running errands.  Clad in my denim-on-denim, I carefully navigated each tent, and found so many treasures!  If only I could have bought them all.  Due to my budget however, I could only allow myself to pick one goody, and I decided on this beautiful hand-tooled leather clutch, big enough to make a statement, but classic enough to wear with anything.  Although I love my new find, I was devastated to have to pass up the amazing hand-made Middle Eastern jewelry.  Oh well, my dream of wearing those rings on my fingers is just motivation to save up for next Saturday!   

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