Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching my dreams, forever.


Skirt, Urban Outfitters/ Shirt, Salt and Seaweed tank/ Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Litas/ Sunglasses, American Apparel/ Handbag, Vintage.

So about a week ago, I went home to St. Louis to visit friends and family (and see the Nelly concert *blush*).  Before the trip, I took these pictures in my dream catcher tank, and thought that it was fitting to combine these pictures with my most recent pictures of... my TATTOO!  After years of lusting after tattoos, I finally took the plunge, thanks to my cousin Tony Oliveri and his amazing sketch, and Iron Age Tattoos in St. Louist, and got my DREAM dream catcher tattoo!  I've always slept with a dream catcher over my bed to keep the bad dreams away, and now I can be protected from the bad everywhere I go!  My new tattoo is also a reminder to follow my dreams, and "catch" them.  Before, I could only wear dream catchers occasionally based on my clothing choices, but now, I can wear one forever.

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  1. So exciting about your tattoo! I love it! Completely perfect for you darling.