Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Journey

Hey guys and gals!  My name is Katie, and I’m just now jumping on the personal style blog band-wagon.  I recently graduated from the College of Charleston where I had the most amazing and fulfilling four years of my life.  For a month I’ve been in denial about leaving the safe-haven that is quaint Charleston, South Carolina, however, as July approaches, It’s time for me to move on from my past, and embrace my wide open future.  I moved to Austin, TX a few days ago, and thought what better time than now to finally start that blog that I’ve been meaning to create for years, but kept getting interrupted by sunny beach days, college kegs, cramming for tests, and writing what seemed to be a never ending thesis.  Moving to a new city is frightening, yet a welcoming and much needed change in my life.  The explosive vintage clothing scene in Austin has already inspired me after being here for only a few days - and by inspire, I mean steal all of my money that I should be saving.  As a jobless college grad, I have nothing to clutch on to but my ramen noodles, and my true passion - and that is for fashion.  Hopefully this passion will result in obtaining the job of my dreams as a stylist and vintage clothing store owner, but until then, I will style myself in my most cherished garments and accessories - thrifted, vintage, and contemporary pieces all mixed together.  My new life in Austin will transform me into an animal on the hunt, ferociously searching for a sustainable job, vintage gems, and my true identity.  Wish me luck, and enjoy the outfits that I wear along the way in this new frontier, Yee Haw! 

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