Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leather Leggings: Day

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So, as my last post mentioned, I recently found a great pair of leggings with quilted leather detailing from Buffalo Exchange, and if you ask me, every girl should have a pair of leather leggings in her closet.  Since I find leather leggings to be such a fashion staple, I decided to wear them in two consecutive blog posts, showcasing one day outfit and one night outfit.  For my day outfit, I couldn't decide which of my favorite prints to wear; Leopard or Tribal.  This was a major dilemma for me, so I decided to combine the two.  With my leather leggings, I wore my vintage leopard top, and my amazing custom jean jacket from Rogue Wave Surf Shop in Charleston, SC.  Playing with prints is one of my favorite ways to experiment with fashion!

Deciding the location of the shoot was easy.  While trying out various running paths around Austin, I stumbled upon a sight that I found simply AMAZING.  I've already expressed my love for graffiti, so it should make sense as to why I fell in love with a hill consisting of layers upon layers of graffitied concrete.  Each slab of concrete displayed different artwork, and each told their own unique story.  After spending what seemed like hours exploring this marvelous hill, I knew it was the inspiration that I needed for my next blog post!  Enjoy! 

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